Words Are Not Enough

In a time of our country’s deepest challenges, America needs more than pretty words.  Rhetoric can lift us to the highest cloud, but without character and action to back it up, it means little and indeed can serve to deceive, if we aren’t careful.

In the high cost and high stakes world in which we live, talk is cheap.  It is not good enough.

There is no lack of words in a campaign.  Perfectly-pitched promises cascade from candidates’ lips.  Sharp attacks materialize whenever one candidate starts to encroach on another’s voter base. Rhetorical recitations of past feats, both real and imagined, flow readily from our television screens and our newspaper pages. 

All of this is fine, but none of it proves anything.

No candidate can possibly express his or her principles and priorities without words, but no candidate can prove them solely with words. 

And so, I encourage each citizen that values America enough to care about its future to not search solely for smooth-sounding words, but for the type of character that paints a beautiful picture, for the sound of integrity, which echoes far beyond the wittiest soundbite or the finest speech.

Look for the person who, after the words have faded into the distance, will still be inspiring you with the cadence of his life. 

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