Pick A President You Can Be Proud Of

Four years is a long time.  It is long enough for that likeable candidate to become detestable.  It is long enough for seemingly minor flaws to become major.  And it is certainly long enough to regret choosing a candidate who doesn’t reflect your values, whose character you cannot trust. 

Once the party music has died down and the guests have gone home, you are left alone with your date.  And you should be sure you brought the right person. 

There is no perfect candidate.  And, indeed, we should not expect our candidates to be perfect.  All of them will have flaws.  But when, it comes down to it, the question we must ask is: Do we trust this candidate is telling us the truth, will try to do what he or she promises and will do it in a way that makes us proud.

And if we can’t be sure of these things, we should look for another candidate.  It is not enough that a candidate check every box and do what is expected in order to win the nomination or the presidency itself.  Character is not a box than can be checked, but it the most important attribute and one that can never by substituted and never replaced. 

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