Why John McCain?

There are, perhaps, several conservative candidates among the leading contenders for the 2008 republican presidential nomination.  Only one of them is electable.  There are, perhaps, two electable republican candidates.  Only one of them is a conservative.

The majority of the field is mired in weaknesses.  Mike Huckabee – surging in the primary polls but still struggling to establish himself against democratic opponents.  Mitt Romney, the would be true-blue conservative, from a blue state himself – unable to fully gain the trust of conservatives, or of moderates.  Fred Thompson, former senator from a state that twice elected Bill Clinton but failed to support Al Gore despite his “favorite son” status – steadily sliding from his once-promising position in the polls.  Rudy Giuliani – clinging to a shrinking national lead but failing, despite his efforts, to prove that he is an authentic conservative.

And the primaries fast approaching, speeding like a bullet train: the republican party left with no consensus, no candidate that can unite the diverse factions within the party, no truly conservative candidate that has proven attractive to moderates as well, no candidate that has proven his ability to fight and to win, in elections and in life.  No candidate except……

JOHN MCCAIN…… the oft overlooked and consistently underestimated…… the only conservative candidate with the proven ability to match a Hillary Clinton or a Barack Obama …. the only candidate that holds in his hands the strength to carry the republican banner across the finish line in 2008, in a race harder than any the republicans have had to run in many years, in a race that requires the strongest candidate if there is to be any hope in running it.